Darla initiated and launched Reebok’s people of color employee resource group (ERG), leading the way for the creation of other ERG’s (LGBTQ+, Working Parents and Passport Diversity) that are all active today. She led the upskilling of Reebok’s recruitment team on diversity strategies and established new diversity recruitment partnerships for the brand both locally and nationally. Most notably, Darla developed Reebok’s first diversity partnership and internship program with an HBCU, Howard University. She drove multiple internal events to further DEI efforts, including external speakers and community partnerships with the Base and Urban League. Darla’s proactive leadership, coupled with her extensive experience and solid communication skills made her one of the strongest HR business partners I have worked with during my career. 

Karen Koellis Reuther, Diversity and Inclusion Servant Leader I Creative Executive Reebok / NIKE

Darla has been a fantastic partner to Legacy Global Sports. We hired Darla to recruit a CIO, CFO, Controller, as well as various accounting and marketing roles. She successfully rounded out our leadership team with candidates of diverse experiences & backgrounds. She connected us to various community partners and brought forward many opportunities to represent Legacy at various career fairs and events. She has been an extension of the HR team supporting the various members of the leadership team in building out their teams. Thank you Darla!

Laura McLaughlin, Chief People Officer, Legacy Global Sports

Darla is a premier thought leader and champion of diversity, inclusion and equity. Darla trained several hundred Boys & Girls Club of Boston’s youth development professionals to discuss the complex issues of race, gender, sexual orientation, access, diversity, inclusion and equity. Darla disarmed the most apprehensive staff to engage in meaningful and productive discussions on how to impact the youth and families that we serve. Darla was the catalyst to launch our cultural competency committee. I highly endorse Darla, a dynamic and compelling orator and speaker.

Andrea Swain, Executive Director, Boys and Girls Club

Darla DeGrace is a true expert and thought leader in the fields of Diversity & Inclusion and Talent Acquisition. I was fortunate to work with her on an initiative designed to help diversify the workforce of a major federal agency. Darla developed a comprehensive, innovative and highly effective sourcing strategy along with supporting engagement and communication tactical plans. Her expertise, creativity and passion for bringing opportunities to underrepresented populations were instrumental to the success and expansion of the initiative. I am honored to give her my strongest endorsement.

Everett Marshall, HR Director, Center for Organizational Excellence